Bluefish is a powerful editor for programmers and webdesigners, with many options to write web-sites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports many programming and mark-up languages, and it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites. Bluefish is an open source development project, released under the GNU GPL licence.

Bluefish runs on most POSIX compatible operating systems including Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS-X, OpenBSD and Solaris, and in addition it runs on Windows.

Some features:
# It's lightweight application - Bluefish tries to be lean and clean, as far as possible given it is a GUI editor. Bluefish uses 35%-40% of the memory compared to another popular web development environments and starts within a one second.

# Multiple document interface, easily opens to 500+ documents (testing > 10000 documents simultaneously).

# Snippets sidebars - custom dialogs, search and replace patterns or insert patterns and bind them to a shortkut key combination of your liking to speed up your development process.

# Unlimited undo/redo functionality

# Customizable programming language support.

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