EngInSite Editor

EngInSite Editor for PHP may not be the most inexpensive, the most advanced or the most anything IDE for PHP, but it combines all the best from the others and still remains pretty darn simple and straightforward. So quite clearly that people who don’t know PHP use this tool to learn and make the very first steps in PHP coding.

EngInSite Editor for PHP comes with full support for PHP 4 and 5. Program’s interface is almost a copy of very familiar Microsoft Visual Studio or Delphi. Unlike most IDEs, EngInSite Editor for PHP wraps around already-existing projects and allows developers to use different PHP distributions. And debugging with this IDE for PHP is at least twice as fast and easy as with any other tool, especially Java-based IDEs.

There are variety advanced features that professional web developers need. Powerful code navigator, tag editor, profiler that identifies code’s weak spots and bottlenecks, built-in FTP client and many other features pros use in their daily operations are all there. As far as flexibility goes - EngInSite Editor for PHP offers custom templates, own color schemes and adaptable interface.

Link to the official website: http://www.enginsite.com/php-editor.htm

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