Hook_order: case 'submit' - problem since Ubercart v. 2.2 with Drupal 6

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Ubercart has problem working with Pay Pal WPS module.

INTRO from doc: 'submit': When a sale is being completed and the customer has clicked the Submit order button from the checkout screen, the hook is invoked with this op. This gives modules a chance to determine whether or not the order should be allowed. An example use of this is the credit module attempting to process payments when an order is submitted and returning a failure message if the payment failed.
see [url]http://api.ubercart.org/api/function/hook_order/2[/url]

In version 2.3 - 2.4 - hook_order return value 'submit' on order BEFORE user has pressed button 'submit' and has paid. Thats why we had problems in previous cases: shipment module worked before order was paid by user.

In version 2.2. & DEV - hook_order never return value 'submit'. Thats why shipment module that use on CASE 'submit' not return values. see [url]http://drupal.org/node/898050[/url]

How can I resole this problem without patching Ubercart. I think I need some module that override ubercart or paypal payment module's 'bad' functions.